Somewhere in the skies between Downtown and Mount Vernon, the image above is plastered on a billboard. It’s us! Baycationing!

MGH came to our roof in April and shot us eating ceviche and sipping cocktails and being super into Old Bay. They set up an enormous white reflective sheet, and were I a rich lady I would pay someone to hold one up around me at all times. Those things are wildly flattering to one’s facial and body areas.

Being, you know, an extremely ethical person, I made sure to include Old Bay in the meal while prepping food for the shoot. I really like Old Bay but can only handle massive amounts of it when it’s smothered on crabs. Looking for a lighter way to enjoy Baltimore’s signature spice, I sprinkled some on my favorite tortilla chips and I suggest you do the same.

Look for this billboard campaign around Baltimore. Several neigborhood’s are represented, as the idea is to show how Baltimoreans relax and vacation at home. If anyone spots Hampden’s board, let me know because I’m curious to see how those nutjobs kick back.

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  1. nancyfrancis says:

    Oh dear lord, you’re a celebrity. and for OLDBAY!!! I always buy the bulk size when I’m in the US – I’m honestly unsure of whether or not its even available yet in Canada (certainly wasn’t last time I looked), because I’m so used to grabbing some on every US trip that I’ve never even looked for it here!

  2. g says:

    Nutjob averse?

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