Friday links and a happy weekend to you


I finally made a facebook album of our wedding, and the shot above is one of my most loved. As a “Rhonda Rulebook” lifer, I’m a huge fan of instructions being laid for all to see. If someone had spit on the floor at our wedding I would have made them stand on that spot for the rest of the night.

This evening we’re going to BINGOWORLD with our fantastic wedding photographers, jetting to Ikea in the morning (again), and I’m sure on Sunday there will be a lot of me pretending to read while watching Rob pretend he’s not watching the cats do things.

And here are some links.

Go to the 1:41 mark and hit pause. That’s my friend Adam. He dj-ed our wedding.

The only time this frigid air could be useful.

There’s not enough Immodium in the world

When in doubt.

This sofa. This sofa.

But, that’s my third-favorite dinosaur.

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